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Charles John Ackroyd: (1849 - 1903)

            Charles was born on the 31 March 1849 In Rotherham, Yorkshire, England and was christened on the 29th of April 1849 in Conisbrough, Yorkshire.  He is the 2nd child of Thomas Ackroyd and Susannah Holmes.  He immigrated to the United States with his mother and his brother Walter in 1851.  His father had immigrated a year earlier in 1850.

Upon the death of his parents, who died of cholera in August of 1854, Charles went to live with a man by the name of John Margeson, a blacksmith, who lived in Hennepin, Illinois.  After Charles had lived several years with John Margeson, they moved to Carbondale, Illinois.  John Mageson joined the army to fight in the civil war and was killed during that conflict.  Charles subsequently went to live with Richard Mowbray (his uncle who married his mother’s sister) in La Salle County, Illinois.  He stayed with him for some time, and on the opening of the coalmines in Steator, Illinois he left Mowbray’s and went to work in the mines.  After this he went to Iowa, where he married  in April of 1881 a lady by the name of Mattie Powell.  She died in Feb 1882 giving birth to a baby son, James Blandford Ackroyd, who also died at birth.

Charles remarried in April of 1891.  His wife,  Mary Jaggers, bore him 2 children; Charles Warren Ackroyd and Caroline Ackroyd.  Mary too passed away from complications of childbirth some 10 days after Caroline was born (4 Oct 1894). 

In 1901 he married for a third time to a widow by the name of Nancy E Johnson.  To this union was born a single child, name unknown.  At this time Charles, Nancy, Nancy’s son – Lester Johnson and the baby were living in Frank, Alberta, Canada where Charles was employed as a coal miner.  In the early hours of the morning on the 29th of April 1903, a large portion of Turtle Mountain broke away and fell into the valley below  burying a large portion of the town.  Charles’ home was at the edge of the slide however he, his wife and infant child were buried by the slide.  Their bodies were never recovered.  Lester Johnson, who was in the same house, miraculously survived.  Charles brother, Walter, writes that Lester, age 11, “ was thrown out of bed and into a creek, and several large splinters were run through his body.  He crawled out of the icy water and walked to a neighbor’s house and was taken in.  He pulled one of the splinters out himself.  The doctor came and made an incision and took out a handful of feathers, some cloth and a lot of splinters.  He finally recovered.  Of Charles’s property we found a battered truck and a few old letters.  Part of the house was thrown outside of the slide and took fire from the stove and burned.” (end quote)

Walter also indicated that his brother spent the last 25 years of his life mining and prospecting in the Rocky Mountains, part of the time in Venezuela in South America and some time in Old Mexico as well as Montana and Canada.

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