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Television and the local paper gave us an insight into the work of a tanner. This is the job that Joseph Ackroyd c1742 - 1811 did for a living. It was also the occupation of Patrick Nolan c1827 - 1894.

One of the worst jobs in history.

Working in a tannery does not sound pleasant at all. Tony Robinson tried out the job at a tannery and his opinion is that it is totally disgusting. It is a place where there is a series of festering pools of chicken and dog droppings. Into this you drop the heavy unwieldy hide of a cow. It stays there for 12 months, and a few thunder storms are wished for as this gets the procedure moving. At the end of this period you drag the huge sodden thing and then have to hack the hair off one side. You then turn it over and try to hack the rotting fat off the other side. How did they cope with these awful jobs?

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