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April 2. 1834

I Joseph Acroyd of Edlington in the County of York give and bequeath to my children, equally to be divided amongst them all my interest in monies in the Doncaster savings bank. Also the value of a note I now hold from my son Wm. Acroyd of Doncaster and all monies arising from the funeral & the clubs of which I am a member. The above monies not to be divided till all my debts and funeral expenses are paid. I also give and bequeath all my furniture and household goods equally amongst all my children. And I leave my friends Wm. Hudson and Wm. Laycock of Edlington to divide these goods amongst my children in the best of their abilities, and appoint them executors of this my last Will and Testament.

                                             Joseph Acroyd his X mark


(--------) unreadable

James Marshall

Sarah Smith


I do hereby certify that on the fifteenth day of April in the year of our Lord 1834 William Laycock of Edlington in the County of York, yeoman, and one of the executors named in the last Will & Testament of Joseph Acroyd, late of Edlington, aforesaid in the Diocese of York, yeoman, deceased, was sworn well & truly the executor and perform the same and that the whole of the goods, chattels, and credits of the said deceased within the Diocese of York, do not amount in value to the sum of one hundred pounds. 

Sworn under 100 exchequer                              Witness my hand

Died 5th. April 1834                                           John Sharpe

Passed 9th. May 1834                                        -----gate


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